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  • APJ Morning Links 8.20.12

    Atlanta is not the only city trying to rebuild from a recession. Austin, Texas is also focusing on downtown residences, offices, and hotels.

    Here is a weekly roundup of the best articles on cities and urbanism. takes a look at the top stories affecting restaurants, which are a huge sector of commercial real estate.

    A retro downtown hotel may be nixed as GSU makes an even firmer imprint into the Atlanta skyline.

    More than 2 years after the devastating earthquakes, proper housing still remains an issue in Haiti.

  • APJ Morning Links 8.17.12

    It’s not graffiti, it’s the Living Wall Conference in Atlanta.

    As part of the effort to redevelop Buckhead, Loudermilk Bell LLC has acquired Buckhead Village Property.

    After much debate, Atlanta Public Schools has decided to add more school bus stops.

    Local government ponders on whether to increase charges on developers who want to build homes and commercial properties.

    More student housing plans downtown. GSU may get an 18 story student housing property thanks to Ambling University Development Group.


  • APJ Morning Links 8.16.12

    Emory has begun demolition on what will become new dormitories. The new buildings will be LEED certified.

    Will Atlanta have streetcars? Will they look like this?

    Looking for industrial properties? Here are the top 10 brokers.

    Atlanta-based Delta airlines looking to buy naming rights for convention center.

    Developer is looking to turn 29 acres into 240 apartments in Lee county.

  • APJ Morning Links 8.15.12

    The winner and loser in CRE this week, according to Llenrock.

    The roundup from  this week includes Brookhaven politicians and Farmer’s market changes.

    Cousins Properties will be selling a portfolio that includes properties in Atlanta to Cushman and Wakefield.

    What is your favorite part of a city’s infrastructure? The potholes? Stop signs? Here is what Flickr has found.

    Lambert and Associates welcomes New Business Development Executive Justin Milam to the group.

  • APJ Morning Links 8.14.12

    Wondering what that stack of chairs in Freedom Park is all about? Here is the explanation!

    With so many things to consider when building a new commercial property, is can be very complicated. Now, add a new consideration to the list: Religion

    Save Lindbergh website launches in opposition to the Lindbergh development.

    Investors are optimistic, and multifamily real estate seems most promising.

    191 Peachtree will have a new tenant soon. American Life Financial Group will be moving in.

  • APJ Morning Links 8.13.12

    The former American Intercontinental University is coming down, in chunks.

    New National mall at Union Square has awarded the design proposal by Gustafson Guthrie Nichol and Davis Brody Bond.

    Here are the top real estate videos of the week according to

    Retail doesn’t have to be boring. Here is one way that fun, colorful retail has been done right.

    Malls aren’t all about retail, they can also include great architectural elements, like the sculpture in Lenox Mall.

  • Writing for CRE – The APJ’s Editorial Guide

    As you begin to build your writing toolkit, it may help to have a guide on writing articles catered to a CRE audience. What follows is the APJ Editorial Guide that serves as a kind of checklist for writing articles that fit well with the content guidelines and format of this site and many other CRE-specific sites.

    I would argue that most of these points are universal to blogging in general. In fact, this entire guide was paraphrased and tweaked from Michael Steltzer’s (Be sure to check them out for cutting edge social media news and tips!)

    Audience Profile – Commercial Real Estate professionals in Atlanta. This group includes 19-year-old interns and 70-year-old chairmen. So be basic enough for beginners to follow, but not so simplistic that you’re boring or condescending.

    Article Length – Depends on the article subject. If you’re writing a quick note or observation on breaking news, keep it 200 words or less. If you’re writing a comprehensive guide to retail tenants in Buckhead, you may need a couple thousand words. Err on the side of brevity, but fully explain and defend your points.

    Use Short Sentences – Again, brevity is key. Readers want color and description in novels. They want facts and pithy anecdotes online. Keep it short and sweet.

    Add Plenty of SubHeaders – This is a great way of breaking up long lines of text. Most experts suggest a new header every couple paragraphs. Use you judgment here because you don’t want to split up a great point just for the sake of breaking up the page, but this practice will help keep your points succinct.

    Highlight Key Text – There are usually one or two sentences that contain the main thrust of your article. Highlight or bold them. This will help drive your point home and give it the visual pop to stick in your reader’s mind as he or she glides through your text.

    Link to as Many Sources as Possible – This is a great way to integrate with the web and add substantial value to your reader. If you can aggregate all of the supporting and exemplary articles that coincide with yours, you will save your reader the time and hassle of doing so. Plus, for whatever reason, linking to articles that support your point of view or act as poignant examples seems to give you more credibility. It’s almost like saying “I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

    Use Internal Linking – This is a great way to improve the flow of your site. Interconnecting articles with others will allow readers to have a better and more thorough experience on your topic and it will encourage readers to click around in your archives (almost always a good thing).

    Try to Quote People – Just like the links, this seems to lend credence to your view. If a smart, well-known person shares your opinion you look smart. It’s the halo effect. Readers are impressed by the smart person who agrees with you and therefore become impressed with you. Support yourself and gain readers with good external linking.

    Include at least One Image – How often do you read a blog or site that is 100% text? Almost never, right? That’s because web designers and marketers have figured out that images catch eyes, not poignant articles. If you want to catch someone’s eye in the middle of the “information onslaught” that is web surfing, you have to have something visually appealing to catch it.

    Use Video When You Can – An under-utilized medium. It’s actually very easy to record yourself saying something interesting or insightful and can be much quicker than writing an article. Check out our Image guide for a few tips on capturing videos of your screen or yourself. You can also drop in something from YouTube or Vimeo to add color to a point or illustrate a new project.

    End Your Article with Engaging Questions or Action Requests – You want readers to comment on your post or go do something. This is your call to action and it is where you will move readers from being passive observers to active participants. So take some time to think about your last statement or question and how you want your reader to respond to what you just wrote.


    That’s the basic Editorial Guide for the APJ and hopefully a decent template for articles written on commercial real estate in general. Can you think of anything we missed? Have you found any other tips or tricks that you like? Please share them in the comments!

    – APJ Staff

  • APJ Morning Links 8.10.12

    Multi-use facilities can be wonderful or can be a disaster.

    The design of big cities will become more important as people start moving towards cities.

    Strip malls now look nothing like the strip malls of yesterday.

    Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods monthly meeting discussed the Lindbergh development and growth of Atlanta parks.

    Appraisals of homes that have been foreclosed can be inaccurate, according to a new study.

  • APJ Morning Links 8.9.12

    Grocery chains may feel the crunch as food prices are expected to increase next year.

    Top 10 List: Cities with the Fastest Growing Wages includes Atlanta.

    Shopping center professionals enjoyed education, networking, and mentoring and networking opportunities.

    Free tools from Google are popping up everywhere. Google maps and indoor walking directions are fun tools.

    Is Peer-to-Peer lending for real estate viable? Here is one point of view.

  • APJ Morning Links 8.8.12

    The newest CRE app: Real Estate Flyers that include a 360 tour and incorporate a live Google map.

    Buckhead Atlanta will include at least 8 restaurants as part of the project to rejuvenate Buckhead.

    Atlanta’s growth is being outpaced. What does this mean for real estate?

    This year, demand for industrial facilities has increased. As a result, the AIA has increased its outlook for construction spending.

    In comparison to 2009, the US office market is returning according to the the “America’s Commercial Real Estate Show”

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