APJ Guide to Commercial Lending

They’re Giving It Away!

New to the business or to commercial lending? Or, would you like to refresh your memory on commercial lending law? Maybe you just need to look up what a UCC is? Use the articles and resources below to get to know some of the most basic (and some of the more complex) aspects of the commercial property lending environment in Atlanta.

*Note* – This page will be constantly updated and adjusted. Be sure to check back for updates and new articles.

Basics of Commercial Lending

Basic Terms – The most common terms and acronyms unique to commercial lending (Coming Soon)

Commercial Lenders in Atlanta – An ever-changing list of the commercial lenders in Atlanta (Coming Soon)

Mortgage Brokers in Atlanta – Who to pay to find your commercial mortgage in Atlanta (Coming Soon)

What Your Lender Needs – These are the documents you need to gather to create a financing package for a lender (Coming Soon)

Beginner’s Guide to CMBS Debt (Coming Soon)

Beginner’s Guide to Life Company Debt (Coming Soon)

Beginner’s Guide to Agency Debt (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA) (Coming Soon)

Beginner’s Guide to Balance Sheet Lending (Coming Soon)


Guide to Problem Mortgages

Solvent? Five Basic Metrics to Determine if Your Commercial Lender Will Survive (Coming Soon)

What To Do When Your Commercial Lender Fails (Part I)

What To Do When Your Commercial Lender Fails (Part II)

Successor Creditors: The Basics – Who and what are successor creditors? (Coming Soon)

Strategic Defaults: An Opposing View (Coming Soon)

Dealing With Successor Creditors (Coming Soon)

Ten Things You Should Know About Your Creditor

A Letter From the Bad Guy – What you need to hear from your successor creditor

Foreclosure and the Confirmation Process

Lessons From My First Foreclosure Auction


Commercial Real Estate Lending Law

Loan Documents – Look here for all of the basics of loan documentation including the difference between a deed-to-secure-debt and a mortgage. (Coming Soon)

Closing Attorney’s Guide  – What your attorney needs to close on your loan (Coming Soon)

Loan Closing Timeline – How long will the process take? (Coming Soon)

Five Most Common Mistakes in Commercial Lending Law (Coming Soon)

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