APJ Morning Links 6.15.12

Commercial Real Estate is continuing to improve. Study done by the Businesss Monitor International shows that the vacancy rates are now declining and new developments are rising.

With retail sales falling again and wholesale prices at the lowest they have been in three years, there is speculation that the Federal Reserve will take action to help the recovery. Economists are divided on when this may happen.

Ten years ago, the list of the top malls would have included several in the US. Now, Asian malls have become the world’s largest, and the mega mall trend is continuing with a new mall in east China.

On July 31st, voters will go to the polls to decide if Brookhaven will become its own city.  Where exactly is Brookhaven? That depends on who you ask.

Building a CRE data spreadsheet?  Forgot your CRE apps, Excel may be all you need.

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