Best Practies: Use Video

If you are reading this post, then I will assume that you have a certain level of web browsing skills and technical savvy. I will further assume that you buy into the notion that technology can improve and enhance our abilities to serve clients and to present our skills in the best light possible.

Given those two assumptions, allow me to make a suggestion:

Make videos.

Video presentations are a tremendous way to showcase your talents, history, portfolio, satisfied clients, or whatever you want.

For example, if you went on Website A and read the company’s customer reviews about how satisfied they were with Company A’s performance, you might be convinced that Company A is worth your time and money.

If you went on to website B and saw a half dozen videos from satisfied customers raving about Company B’s performance and integrity, I bet you would lean toward Company B over Company A.

Both companies may have the same reputation and stellar customer service, but the fact that you can see a real human talking about their experience or their company gives a potential client more familiarity and comfort. Just seeing someone’s face and hearing them talk will make you feel like you know someone at the company and it will reassure you that this firm is run by actual people who you can see.

Take it from someone who runs a couple web sites, there are way too many web scammers and faceless creeps that can write anything on the internet. So, if your strategy for putting  your best foot forward is posting some euphemistic paragraph about your talents and abilities on the corporate website, then  you are just one (perceived) step above these creeps who hide behind their keyboard. Putting your face and voice on the internet takes guts and shows that you and your company have nothing to hide from prying eyes.

Are you starting to see the “customer perception” benefits of video?

If I see a site that has someone on camera discussing this company and its capabilities, I subconsciously trust that company more. Plain and simple. That doesn’t mean that these companies can’t lie and deceive by video, but with someone’s name and face accessible 24/7 all over the world in a video, I doubt they would just lie straight up about a company or its abilities. There are legal ramifications for intentional deception and it is much easier to track someone down when you know what their face looks like instead of chasing IP addresses and blogging styles. So the incentive to lie, deceive, or even twist the truth is seriously diminished.

So, are we in agreement that to maximize customer trust and to upgrade customer perception we should use videos to highlight our expertise and to showcase satisfied customers? Great, then these are the three basic videos I suggest:

1. A video about who your company is, what it does, and why it is good at what it does.

2. A video from satisfied customers who are willing to go on camera and talk about your great service, expertise, whatever.

3. A voice-over video that highlights a project or service that you completed recently that highlights your company’s talents and skill set.

I will give more suggestions about how to maximize the effect of these videos in later posts, but for now let’s all agree that the successful company of the future will use web videos to enhance and protect its hard-earned image and reputation.

– Duke

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