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  • Careers in Commercial Real Estate: A Primer

    Well, I can’t find much on careers in CRE. It seems to be an under-analyzed profession with highly lucrative deals.

    So, let’s chat about it here.

    I will start today with a primer on the basics and then continue over the next several weeks to add and post under the category “Careers in CRE.”

    So if you ever miss an article or are coming late to the party, then you can just click the “Careers in CRE” tag/category to the right.


    So, that’s the plan. Let’s dig in.

    I plan on separating these posts into a series of topics like knowing your strengths, networking, designing the lifestyle not the career, mentoring, routines/schedules, the truth about cold-calling, building a tool set, generating cash flow, building a portfolio, when to cash out, how to use leverage, and several other topics.


    I will cover these topics in a single article and this thread should last for a couple of months. If you have any feedback or input, then I welcome you to share it with me in the comments.

    The first topic will be “Knowing Your Strengths.” Look for it tomorrow or Thursday.

    Until then, stay fly.

    – Duke

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