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  • APJ on Sustainability – 9.18.12

    “So, what would you say you do here?” – Bob from “Office Space.”

    If you’re like me, you look around our burgeoning city and notice that we don’t really have a good answer to that question.  Should we be a smart city?  Pivoting to create a Smart City by Fast Company – – Or, maybe we should become a Blue Zone – Or, is status quo okay with everyone? Or, have I not been clued in to Atlanta’s driving purpose.

    The debate the emerged from the July 31st transportation referendum was rather informative.  It led me to two conclusions.  One, we need some major changes in this region.  And two, we can’t agree on all of them and certainly not all at once.  I promote that Atlanta needs to pivot and should start acting like a Smart City.  From another Fast.Co – – let’s do more small projects that have a chance for scalability, but won’t drown the city if they fail.

    Tell us about some project’s you want to see happen and maybe we’ll go get them done.

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