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The Atlanta Property Journal is a web-based publication focused on all aspects of the Atlanta Real Estate market. Topics include deal notes, geographic or submarket interests, location analysis, book reviews, article reviews, daily readings, basic concepts for newcomers, and much more.

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The Duke is an entrepreneur, commercial real estate junkie, native Atlantan, amateur logician, mediocre baseball coach, big fan of Jesus, obsessive husband, voracious reader, competitive break-dancer, and probably likes Harry Potter more than a grown man should. He is currently working for a private equity firm in the area of distressed debt acquisitions and resolutions. Hit him up at Duke(at)AtlantaPropertyJournal.com. (The break-dancing thing was false, by the way.)

The Earl has been involved in the capital markets for a little over 10 years, and is relatively new to Atlanta. He’s a Christ follower, paleo diet enthusiast, world traveler, and enjoys spending his free time doing yoga and Crossfit when he’s not thinking about capital structure relative valuations.

Hunter is  . . . about to tell you about himself.

Alexis is  . . . about to tell you about herself.



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