Productivity Tool – Workflowy

Maybe I’m the only one who gets overwhelmed with my workload from time to time, but, just in case I’m not, here is a nice tool I use to keep track of my tasks.

Workflowy is basically just a list making website where you can keep and track your to-do list. You can add new tasks easily and organize your work into different sections. I like it because I can separate my main to-do list from my side projects, my baseball list, and my personal/home to-do list. I even create time-specific lists that tell me what tasks I should be working on throughout the day.

Another great think about Workflowy is that it’s cloud-based and you can access it anywhere. So, when I am at home at night reading on my iPad and I get an idea or task, I just pop open Safari, log in to Workflowy, and add it to my to-do list. Same applies to your iPhone/Balckberry, home computer, or work desktop. Any time you have an idea or come across a task, enter it and it’s there.

That may seem like a small deal, but I have found it extraordinarily useful to have access to Workflowy while I am at Lowe’s and an idea hits me for Monday morning.

Here is the “How To” video from Workflowy:


So, for what it’s worth, I love using Workflowy to organize all of my tasks and keep me on track. I find that very few things slip through the cracks when I have them written down and in front of me every day.

Oh, by the way, it’s completely free.

Try it for your self and let me know what you think.

– Duke

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