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Still working on my book review for The Black Swan by Taleb, so stay tuned.

Until then, time to get random . . .

1. I know I’m not really going out on a limb saying this, but Avison Young may be a major player in Atlanta over the next decade.

2. Along those lines, watch out for Stream Realty. Ben and Simon are studs and they seem to be having a great deal of success in a short period of time in the Atlanta market.

3. I recently realized that a good soundtrack and excellent cinematography are all I need to enjoy a rented movie. I wouldn’t pay $10 to see Tron in theaters, but I would spend $1 to rent it on Blu-ray at a Redbox.

4. I think the first step in determining what a “Clean-Slate” Atlanta would look like is thinking about how we want to connect with other cities and countries. The best connected (or “Gateway”) cities are the most important.

5. I also need a topographical map of Atlanta since certain property types are topographically limited.

6. I think careers mirror our transitions from childhood to adulthood. Children just want to fit in and figure out how the world works. Adults want to stand out as excellent and distinguish themselves from the herd.

7. Am I the only person alive who isn’t a Tim Tebow fan?

8. How can a fella get great images for posts without paying for them?

9. I think the greatest gift an up-and-coming CRE entrepreneur can have is creativity. Everything else can be learned, overcome, or outsourced, but creativity distinguishes the great ones from the rest.

10. Employees never become billionaires.

Have a killer Thursday.

– Duke

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