Random Thoughts


Just as a heads up, I am currently working on articles about Black Swans, Bankruptcy in CRE, More on Goals, and Interviews.

Stay tuned.

For now, stay random.

1. It is amazing to me the number of ways people can hide money and shelter their assets. What a cool and intricate little niche of the finance industry.

2. I think Toco Hills is an under appreciated retail market. Is there any inline vacancy is that submarket?

3. If I could live in one place in the world that is not the US, it would be Luzern, Switzerland.

4. Why are dumb people often the loudest people? Is there an inverse relationship between volume and intelligence?

5. What habits would the perfect man have every day? How would he spend his mornings, evenings, and work time? When would he exercise? What would he read? Hmmmmm . . .

6. Who is John Galt? (Give me a couple weeks and I will tell you as I finish Atlas Shrugged).

7. If you aren’t taking a small step every day toward achieving you goals in your career, then you need to come to terms with the fact that you will eventually be passed by those of us who are.

8. I think one of the greatest assets of Atlanta is the density of trees. Have you ever flown into Hartsfield from out west and just looked out the window as you landed back here? We have one of the most wooded cities I have ever seen from the air. That’s pretty cool to me and I think it is worth preserving.

9. I have no opinion on JoePa.

10. “In the beginning you make your choices. In the end your choices make you.” – Darren Hardy.

Keep it clean.

– Duke

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