Random Thoughts


I have hit a wall this afternoon and need to unload.

You get to reap the benefits.

It’s random time!

1. I think ABC, Fox, NBC, et al, need to stop creating CGI-heavy show concepts. Any time I see a dinosaur or magical creature in one of those shows that is VASTLY inferior to Spielberg’s creations in Jurassic Park from 18 years ago, I lose a little, er, a lot, of respect for network execs.

2. Now I feel old. Jurassic Park blew my mind back in the day and it is 18 years old. Jurassic Park is old enough to buy cigarettes.

3. While we are on the topic of Spielberg movies, JAWS is the scariest movie of all time. Period. If you have seen that movie, it is in the back of your mind every time you put a foot in the ocean. You may have the occasional bad dream about bleeding walls or demon-possessed children, but the threat of a graphic shark attack is always there when you are in the ocean.

4. I don’t think I could ever live in VA Highlands. Since I’m not a single guy looking to walk to bars, it has little appeal. I love the older houses, but the roads are tiny, the parking is the worst in the city, everywhere is crowded, and it just smells like hormones. No thank you.

5. Similarly, what happened to Decatur? That place is awesome. When I was growing up, Decatur was the putrid swamp donkey of Atlanta neighborhoods. You only went there if you had a relative who made you. Now, there is a solid collection of unique restaurants (Iberian Pig!) and cool spots to hang out. It might be one of Atlanta’s most walkable neighborhoods. What the flip?

6. I like the idea of Jamestown’s pop-up park near John Marshall. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it’s nice to see a huge CRE investment firm creating public green space. Seems very Mayberry, or something.

7. Speaking of Jamestown, I saw that they got the redevelopment deal of the year in the Business Chronicle for Ponce City Market. How can you get an award for a deal that isn’t finished? You get awards for good ideas? If so, I better get some medals for those winners I am cooking up for 2025!

8. Does any one else miss watching the X-files? I grew up watching Mulder and Scully, and I miss them a little.

9. My boss said “if you are a developer for long enough, you will eventually file for bankruptcy. ” Hmmm. Ok. Then I won’t be a developer. I will be a real estate investor who happens to develop from time to time. Take that!

10. The borrower really is slave to the lender. Trust me. I have first hand knowledge of what happens when creditors and debtors face off. Debtor = Bug. Creditor  = Windshield. Careful what debt you get yourself into!

Have a killer weekend.

– Duke

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