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    CRE Tech: Screencapture

    A worker is only as good as his tools.

    One tool I have found incredibly useful over the past year or so is a screenshot/screen-capture tool called Jing.

    Jing is a desktop software that sits at the top of your screen as a little yellow bubble. When you’re ready to capture what’s on your screen (or part of what’s on your screen), just click on the bubble and click on the cross-hair icon called the “capture” button.

    While this may seem like a “fringe” technology for CRE, I have found it to be incredibly useful. I often use the screen capture function to grab images that I can’t right-click and save. Images on Flash Player or other anti-right-click technologies can still be grabbed and used (non-commercially, of course).

    One example is a pdf appraisal. Fairly often I will need a property photo in a situation where I have not taken the photo myself and no photo exists as far as Google Images can tell. So I will grab a pdf appraisal, click the Jing tool, capture, edit, and save the images however I want. Adobe actually has a capture tool already, but I find Jing to be easier, more comprehensive, and more robust than the intrinsic Adobe tool.

    I also use it when I need to show my entire browser or an entire web page. If I am trying to show or teach how to use something in a browser, there is no way to show that with a right-click (that I know of, at least). I need to capture the entire screen and show where to click and how to navigate.

    I use it to capture odd-sized or non-consecutive images. Basically, anything I can’t right-click-save-image, I screen capture with Jing.

    I can also put arrows on the image to emphasize important areas.


    I can put text on the images to further explain whatever point I am making.


    I can highlight certain parts of the page that I want you to look at.


    It is incredibly useful and I keep finding new ways to use it.

    Here is the best part –

    It’s free.

    Just sign up with TechSmith, download it, and run. No cost. No hidden fees (so far).

    Long story short, I love it. I use it almost daily and it has made me faster and more nimble. I highly recommend it and I hope it is as much use to you as it has been to me.

    – Duke

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